About Sociecity - Header Image (photos: Patrick Lydon)

About Sociecity

Sociecity is an international collaboration of social researchers, artists, and writers. It was formed in 2011, and built with the help of an amazing global cast of content producers.

Our Mission

We are a forum and incubator for re-thinking
the social and ecological fabric which makes up our world.

Our international team members use research, creativity, and interaction
to examine the roots of modern issues in
society, ecology, and the built environment.

We develop, propose, and highlight solutions which will serve as catalysts
for meaningful societal change.

Community Engagement

Our mission entails not only producing content, but also connecting with communities and involving the people in a conversation which is relevant to their future.

Sociecity maintains a standard of being actively involved in our communities, working directly with local governments, schools, non-profit organizations, and other local groups to widen the scope and effect of our conversations.

See our Youth on Assignment program.

Supporting Sociecity

Sociecity is a 100% volunteer-driven project, our continuation relies on the kindness and help of our content producers and others who donate time and resources. If you would like to make a donation, or become partner or sponsor, we’d love to work with you. Visit the Sociecity Supporter area of our site for more information on how to support our work.

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