30 Second Philosophy

Spring blossoms below the castle in Edinburgh, Scotland (P.M. Lydon | CC BY-SA 3.0)


Hands, Plant, and Soil (photo: P.M. Lydon | sociecity)

The Roots of Humanity

Illustration: Raymond Yeung | sociecity


A New Town seen past the walls of the old Seodaemn Prison in Seoul, South Korea (photo: Patrick Lydon | sociecity)

The Art, the Individual, the City

Le Light Show (Illustration: Raymond Yeung | sociecity)


Empire State Building, New York City (photo: Patrick Lydon | sociecity)

The Seeds

One: The Road in Front of You (photo by Patrick Lydon | Ireland)

One: The Road in Front of You

One: What is True (photo by Patrick Lydon | Poland)

One: True Self

One: True Freedom (photo by Patrick Lydon | South Korea)

One: True Freedom

One: Wealth in Simplicity | Businessman walks along a beach in Haeundae, South Korea (Photo, 2011 | Patrick Lydon)

One: Wealth in Simplicity

Green and Building - Hong Kong (photo: Patrick Lydon)

The Difficult Part of Simple Life

Right, Wrong, and Tolerant: Easter at a Gay Bar in San Jose (photo: Patrick Lydon)

When Tolerance is Wrong

Only Kids Notice

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