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Money-Based Innovation

Whiteboard Madness at sociecityI love the fact that something such as a whiteboard exists, nothing else really comes close to it for hashing out ideas. If I didn’t have it, I’d probably be drawing in the dirt like I did when I was a kid.

When my whiteboard fills up (which it does quickly as it’s rather small) I take a photo, print it, post it up, erase, and continue. If only I had one the full size of my wall (10×25, if anyone wants to donate, I’ll love you forever.)

In the beginning, so many ideas make sense only as interconnected information-maps (aka: random scribbles) and this has always been one of my favorite ways to ‘organize’ thoughts.

So, the whiteboard thought process for the day…

The (Slightly Pessimistic) View of Money-Based Innovation:

Whiteboard: USA Money-Based Innovation (2011, Patrick Lydon)