Alameda Bicycle Boulevard

Alameda Bicycle Boulevard, San Jose, California (Illustration: Chiaki Koyama)
illustration: Chiaki Koyama

I am truly excited about San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed’s vision and his backing of healthy transportation alternates such as cycling. But while the current bicycle plan calls for about 250 new miles of bicycle routes, they mainly consist of painted lines on shared roads. Other cities throughout the U.S. and world are building true, dedicated bicycle infrastructure.

This presentation was created on behalf of all of those who would like to cycle around town, yet find it difficult to ride in tiny painted lanes through debris, on roads where traffic is passing within inches at 5x the speed.

This theoretical design presents the Alameda as a true bicycle boulevard, as seen in Netherlands, Spain, France, Korea and Japan among others.

These slides are not meant as concrete plans, but rather to help facilitate new discussions. Special thanks to San Jose State University Design student, Chiaki Koyama for the beautifully painted site illustration which you will see on the final slide.

Press the play button below to move through the slides.

Patrick Lydon

Author:Patrick Lydon

Patrick is an interdisciplinary artist and writer, working to ignite unconventional and critical dialogues at the intersection of culture and ecology. He is currently Co-Director of, a documentary and active community dialogue about food, earth, and happiness. During his past studies, he earned his BA from San Jose State University and an MFA from University of Edinburgh's "Art, Space & Nature" program.

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  1. September 26, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    A far better plan. Has it gotten any traction?


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